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We believe that quality and on time delivery are crucial measures in the client’s choice of the translation service provider. We possess the characteristics and capabilities that reflect the extent of our commitment to produce high quality, swift, accurate and coherent translations.


You need on-time delivery, industry-compliant terminology, and consistency – this is where our tech helps us to meet your needs time and again. We will manage your content and leverage existing assets by mining your information – and by default we’ll work with your content in its native format, saving you the hassle of converting it between formats and time-consuming layout tweaking so your content can be published or printed more quickly – and critical information can be conveyed speedily and accurately.


Our translators are responsible for their own translation tools. The biggest plus-point is that this ensures they are fully conversant with the tools they are using so no learning curve is required on their part.

As we manage the translation of your content in house, you don’t need to deal with translation-specific file formats and compatibility issues.

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Legal Translation

Plus Police and Legal Documents Translation like Checks, good character documentation, court judgments, orders, and Power of Attorney.
Contracts, birth certificates, marriage certificates and all other certificates, agreements, opinions, pleadings, discovery documents, evidence at court, judgments and decrees.

Business Translation

High-quality translation for business contracts, conferences, proposals, annual reports, email, health, car, home and life insurance translations delivered fast and accurately.
Laws regarding the sale of goods, taxation, importing & Exporting lists, partnership & investor contracts, employment contract, residency application paperwork.

Financial Translation

Finance and banking translation for back account statements, accounting policies, cash flow statements, KPI reports, letters of credit, financial correspondences income statements, checks and receipts, invoices and discharges balance sheets, Auditors’ reports, Tax documents, Books of accounts, profit & loss statements, Annual reports, loan applications, Customer correspondence, stock market…

Technical Translation

Products catalog & manuals, technical books, contracting and subcontracting contracts, shipping & maritime documents, proposals, system descriptions and specifications, assembly and installation instructions, operating and safety instructions, data sheets, and parts Lists, sales force guides and training materials…

Medical Translation

Patient instructions, product manuals, medical records, clinical reports, discharge reports, clinical studies, insurance claims, user guides, lab tests, patient information, patient questionnaires, medical reports, training manuals, package labels, clinical protocols, drug descriptions, health and safety reports, toxicology reports, discharge summaries, accident reports…

Media Translation

Multilingual content production, multilingual video content, social media postings, brochures, cover letters, newsletters, press releases and magazines, sales presentations and multimedia presentations, voiceover & dubbing, TV and Radio reports, documentaries & interviews, digital content and other promotional documents and personal media translations.

Website Translation

Website Content Translation include reputed Websites, Software Houses, Companies, Internet based Industries, E-market Ventures and IT Based Companies all over the UAE. For our officially certified Translation Services, our expert translation team maintains matchless levels of quality in producing fluent and exact translations in more than 70 languages to meet the requirements our customers beyond their expectations.

Interpretation Services

We offer a range of interpreting services that meet (and often exceed) our clients’ widely varied needs. No matter whether it’s over-the-phone, remote video, or on-site. Our interpretation services include conference interpreting – both simultaneous and consecutive, court interpreting services and business interpreting – negotiation and meetings.

Books Translation

Bilingual books translation ‘translating your book into the language of your chosen international market’. We here also provide Translation of curriculum’s and training materials, activities programs and supportive materials.

Personal Translations

We offer personal translation of birth Certificates, marriage Certificates, death Certificates, diplomas and transcripts, passports, Identification cards and driver’s licenses in more than 70 languages.